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Point Of Sales (POS)

Mobile CPOS

Our Point Of Sales(CPOS) system is a software system that provide businesses with the capability to retain and analyze a wide variety of inventory and transaction data on a continuous basis. Our CPOS systems were used by many clients as a valuable tools for a wide variety of business purposes, including refining target marketing strategies, tracking supplier purchases, determining customer purchasing patterns, analyzing sales(on a daily, monthly, or annual basis) of each inventory item, department, or supplier, and creating reports for use in making purchases, reorders, etc.

Software Company in Kerala
Software Company in Kerala

Advantages of our CPOS systems

1. You can analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly.
2. You can maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.
3. You can improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners.

Cpos - Cerebron TechnolabzClick here for demo Google App for Cpos - Cerebron Technolabz

Embedded System Design

Cerebron Technolabz - Embedded Product Engineering (EPE) services address the needs of customers across the lifecycle of products from proof-of-concept stage to release of a fully functional product, and product support till end-of-life. We leverage our skills across industries, functions, technologies and agile development methodologies to provide reliable Embedded Product Engineering services across markets like Industrial, Automotive, Multimedia, Telecom, Storage and Cloud Computing.

Software Company in Kerala
Software Company in Kerala

Our Engineering services Include:

Design Engineering
Prototype Model Design
Tool Design
Testing & Development Services

Our Clients will get the benefit of:

Mobile CERP

Executives and employees want real-time access to information, regardless of where they are. Now that our CERP have provisions to make it available on your mobile as an application for all the major platforms. Some of the features to point out, Mobile CERP can provide you with reports you need, a dashboard etc.

Software Company in Kerala
Software Company in Kerala

Cloud CERP

Our CERP software application is hosted as a cloud application. Which makes it highly recommendable, due to its security and availability. Our cloud servers were completely managed and controlled by certified network engineers which makes it a better choice for an organisation.

Internet Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the methodology enhancing the item position for a particular keyword for a site, in the natural (unpaid ) query items. A high position in natural indexed lists will help you in enormous means. SEO is fundamentally dealed with the web search tools and their natural query items web crawlers. Google, Yahoo & Bing are principle web crawlers or say search engines.

Cerebron Technolabz
Software Company in Kerala


Internet searchers need to attempt to their employments as best as reachable by referring users to sites and substance that's the first important to what the user is looking for along these lines however is association decided?

There are few things that Search Engines looks in a site

Content : This a standout amongst the most essential point in a SEO on the grounds that, A quest search for an interesting substance in which included with veritable connections and magic words
Keyword density : A page with characteristic measure of magic words will recorded in a web search tools better!
Loading Time : A normal Loading time and legitimately living up to expectations
Designing & Layout : Good looking, simple exploring will impact user experience

Trusted Website Development in India

If you really want to generate more business with a quality website. This may be the first line of communication between you and potential guests or visitors. The great advantage of website development company and website design company is that the website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Therefore anyone can collect suitable information from the website at any time.

In today's business environment and to beat the competition large or small companies definitely need to develop a good website. Many business owners use the excuse that their business is "word-of-mouth" and they do not need a website. But a great way to reinforce the personal recommendations of other clients is through professional website development.

Cerebron Technolabz

Web development services help your company to increase product knowledge, maintain communication between you and potential clients, sell your products or services, generate leads for the business and increase the popularity of your company and much more

Content Management System (CMS)

We provide Content Management Systems(CMS) to our clients, as a breif description “Content Management System is a system used to manage the content of a website”. With our Content Management System(CMS) users can easily update the content of their website with a rich user interface which is ease to use with informative menu options and responsive design makes it suitable for updating your website using mobile on the go.

Our Content Management System consists of two elements:Content Management Application(CMA) and Content Delivery Application(CDA). The content management application(CMA) of our content management system allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML). With our content management system, a user can create, modify or remove the content from a website without needing the expertise of a webmaster. Our CMS is equiped with lots of features but to name a few web-based publishing, format management, revision control, and indexing which makes search and retrieval quicker.

Software Company in Kerala

Our CMS is also equiped with tools for one-to-one marketing. One-to-one marketing is the ability of a website to tailor its content and advertising to a user’s specific characteristics using information provided by the user.